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What is an essential quality for success in any aspect of human endeavor?

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

The one quality that is essential for success in any aspect of human endeavor is willpower.


Unfortunately, this is also the one quality that people find they are deficient in a survey that was done,

By asking people what they felt were their strengths someone said interpersonal relationships Someone said logical thinking, etc...

But nobody named self-control and willpower,

Subsequently when they were asked virtue do you feel you are deficient in invariably people felt that they did not possess enough self-control and that relates to the inability to follow diets the inability for daily exercise, the inability to focus the mind on the task at hand, the inability to bring out the best in the world that we do each of these endeavors is based upon that one quality of self-control…..

Where does the ability come from whenever we engage in any physical or mental work or brain fires of neurons in different regions the cortex the neocortex the region of the

sensory-motor, overall the human brain is far more developed than the brain of the creatures but there is one distinguishing aspect to it and that is the prefrontal cortex this gives us humans the ability to trump the lower desires, to do things that are beneficial even though they may be hard.

The prefrontal cortex enables us to desist from harmful pleasure.

As somebody said what prevents us from reach our highest goal is not difficulties along the path, but an easier path to the lower goal.

This Per frontal cortex gives us 3 abilities in us humans:
  1. I want - It enables us to keep sight of what our superior goals are.

  2. I won't - It enables us to not do the things that would distract us.

  3. I will - It empowers us to do things that entail austerity, that entail discipline, that comes from this per frontal cortex.

Okay, now the great news is that this WILL POWER is very important like a muscle. And like a muscle, It tends to get exhausted with use.

  • That is why you will observe that your willpower is the highest in the morning.

  • That is the time to do difficult tasks, and

  • That is the perfect requires the engagement of our brain.

For perfect example:

Writing, Spiritual practice, Mediation, and so on…, and then through the day, the willpower wanes out. Often in the evening, people find that they are willpower failures.

That is why In the evening time we all found that most of the people start fighting(Even in my home). Because while working they drained out their willpower.

Whenever people were engaging their mind in a task that mind did not enjoy.

And that is why, by the time they came home, they could not be patient, to tolerate and the conflagration point was very low.

However, just like the muscles, willpower can also be developed.

That is the nature of our brain.

If you apply it to math problems again and again in your life it becomes better at them.

If somebody engages in some attractive works like juggling,

That portion of the brain, which is engaged in juggling tends to develop. and similarly, we can develop our willpower by exerting it.

So a little bit a will power simple exercise,

For example,

The body says you need to scratch, but you desist, I will not...

Now it may seem like a small thing, but if you do it, you will discover that willpower has started increasing. And

An even more powerful full way of developing willpower is doing proper Meditation:
What happens in meditation?

You sit down to meditate, I will think My Mom, or God or whatever is the object in your mind, and now our mind says, No No, I don’t enjoy this, then it would rather of so and so.

But don't get distract concentrate, Now the intellect controls the mind.

Every time the mind wants to wander off, You pull the mind back, by exerting the muscle of self-control.


In 2 hours/day of meditation, you will find that your willpower has jumped many rungs.

Try it and do it. and it is not even necessary that you succeed in your mediation.

Because even if you are not succeeding, you are still exerting your willpower. You are every time practicing. That focus, that concentration is an application of your self-control.

Self-control developed in one area of life will stand you in good stead in all the other areas. So, endeavor to enhance of willpower through practices such as meditation.
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