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Ways of reducing CO2 emissions

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

Electricity Production:

According to a 2018 report Electricity production alone contributes to Global Warming for about 27% ( EPA - US report ). This might be even doubled considering all the electricity consumption in last 3 years alone. This is no joke considering the state of the planet. Yes, it might sound a bit odd to hear that one of the most non-pollution products Electricity’s contributions to the planet. But bear in mind that Electricity doesn’t come magically we burn a lot of coal and natural gas to produce electricity. Even though the electricity itself does not emit any greenhouse gases does not mean the production of it also the same.


This applies to quite a few products than you might think, consider batteries they are one of the low-cost ways of storing the electricity at some considerable amount but they use chemicals and some rare metals as their anodes and cathodes which leads to pollution as it takes very high precession and tons of fossil fuels to heat up the metals, needs more chemicals than we normally produce. So, yes on the surface something like electricity may look like it is very very harmless but we need to dig deeper and deeper to understand its consequences on climate, since we discussed this let us not forgot that we are not even close to producing fully sustainable energy so switching is not going to be flipping a the methods and resources we need invest a lot in research and development of the sustainable energy firms.

Transportation and Industries:

It might come as no surprise that Transportation contributes almost 28% to the global emission ( 2018 EPA - US report ), becoming the single highest contributor to greenhouse gas emission. So, the answer would be like scrap all the fossil fuel vehicles and shift to EVs right? nope.

The real thing that lies between Ev's future is the same thing that we discussed a bit earlier, Electricity the big bull in the room. We need to first switch to a completely sustainable energy source, which we can assume to be achieved in 2040, we already looking at 20 years from here. By the way, my guess includes the Developed, Developing, and underdeveloped countries so it is very bold to even assume that 20 yrs is enough but if human civilization taught us anything that would be hard work and dedication towards the future. And next comes the Industries, Automotive industry alone contributes up to 3% of Global GDP, and in countries like India and China, some of the most powerful and highly growing economies they contribute up to even 50% of all manufacturing sectors. So it is very very stupid to consider that industries need to be torn down and be automated as it contributes and not to say that automation means more machines and more machines means more metals and pollution. The answer should be public transportation and better products. So thus far we have covered about 70 to 80 % of global greenhouse gas production. That is our vision and suggestion towards a sustainable future. Hope you’ll like it and if so check out our video on EV production and Electricity. Thanks for reading.

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