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Vaccine Passports, what is the necessity for it? How it is going to be implemented?

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

The new normal of traveling across borders.

Introduction :

To understand the vaccine passport, we need to know its origin. The first form of immunization passport was the Immunity Passport issued by the World Health Organization (WHO), but in reality, it was not a passport that was actually a certificate of authenticity issued to people who had been vaccinated against yellow fever in 1959. This is also known as the yellow card. However, the Immunity Passport is not a nonsense concept, most systems but it is still difficult because there are a lot of ways to reflect a certificate, which is basically a piece. But it was really good.

Need for a Vaccine passport :

Every business that trades in millions of borders every day, every benefit in one day and age, without contact in the midst of an epidemic that kills hundreds of thousands of people around the world, is very difficult to be contagious. So, in order to have a safer journey for the passengers onboard planes and boats, governments across the globe have been trying to implement the vaccine passport. An immunization passport is similar to an immunization passport, which is a certificate of authenticity for vaccination against COVID-19.

How It turned out to be a sensational thing:
  • The idea is present in many governments around the world, but the newly elected president of the United States, Mr. Joseph R. Biden Jr. never came close to implementing the Coronavirus vaccination certificate until he asked government agencies to “assess the feasibility” of producing it in conjunction with other vaccination documents.

  • Their digital versions. Following this, the Danish government said in early February that it would issue a digital passport in the next three to four months, which would allow citizens to show that they have been vaccinated.

  • Governments are not the only ones recommending a vaccine passport.

  • Etihad Airways and Emirates are planning to launch a digital travel pass developed by the International Air Transport Association to help travelers manage their travel plans and provide Govt-19 with vaccinated or tested flight and government documents. (Source - New York Method)

Why Indian Govt should implement this? :
  • Since the second wave of coronavirus is sweeping the most important states like Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala, Punjab, it is very easy to say that the vaccine is the only way to eradicate the virus but to encourage us to do so, we need evidence or certification that pushes people in cities to get the vaccine.

  • Not to mention that there is no other option but to force the vaccine to cross the border, and this reduces the chance of a variation being transferred from one part of the country to another.

Struggles that are needed to be solved :
  • The first struggle is to reduce the fear of the vaccine and the myths and conspiracies that surround it.

  • The immediate step would be quick vaccine roll-out, it is proving to be difficult to move around the vaccines at high rates however it can be done pretty quick if govt plans perfectly. Then the system that is needed to be created and creating the repository.

  • Experts say more demand for a digital source for the vaccine is expected in the next few months.

  • A wide range of businesses, such as airlines, office-based employers, or crispy cream donut shops, may ask you to look for evidence before entering or serving a customer. The U.S. Outside, Qatar Airways, and other airlines tested the application to provide evidence for vaccines and negative test results.

Conclusion :

There is no doubt that this is going to be implemented but the question is really WHEN.

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