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Startup ideas for 2021

With a population of over 1.3 billion and a fast-growing economy, India is a key country for start-ups. Therefore, it is essential to know the relevant business and start-up ideas that can prove to be very successful in India. 'Startups/Entrepreneurship' will be the 'new face of our modern India'.

Successful startups in India :
  • Flipkart,

  • Zomato,

  • Paytm,

  • Ola,

  • Policy bazaar,

  • Swiggy,

  • Buju's, are also

startups/Entrepreneurship were started with low funding(cost) in the early stages but now they play Important role in the Indian market and economy. These start-ups also created new jobs in India. Nowadays start-ups in India are growing fast. In the year 2014, there were 29000 stars, but in the year 2018, there are 55000 stars. They made it 'sound impossible' but it is true and lives!. Let’s see those inspired and innovative startups …

Make sure you fasten your seatbelt let’s go on an India startup tour!!.

1. Aloe vera Battery :

We use aloe vera as a home remedy for skincare, but here the people of Uttar Pradesh made a battery from aloe vera seem impossible! But they did it. Aloe vera for the battery. We know that cactus is used in moisturizers and skincare creams, but they also make cells from cactus root. During the lockout, our people generated energy like alcohol (lol) from the hand purifier, but they did something insane but effective. That startup is called ALOE E-CELL. Battery cells usually contain harmful metals such as lead and mercury, which are bad for health and the earth, but in the beginning, they convert cactus chemical energy into electrical energy. The world's first 100% eco-friendly cells appreciate HOPE GRETA THT and are happy !!! It costs 10% less than a normal cell and 50% more energy than that.

2. JACKFRUIT 365 :

We all eat jackfruit. The fruit we usually sing and sham to others?!. But here a man named James from Kerala made bread from the Green jackffruit. The capital of DIABETICS is India. (11.8% of the total population has diabetes) The main reason is that we all know the fast foods and lifestyle that we blindly follow from the West forgetting to introduce whole-grain foods. James, a native of Kerala who was a director of Microsoft in 2012, quit his job to make these mulberry products. And in an interview, he mentioned that it was inspired by his daughter who loved him more than Jackfruit. Initial name JACKFRUIT 365. After a year of research, he introduced flour (atta) from jackfruit. It contains fiber and helps with bad fats. The amount of glucose in it is equal to half a kilo of rice or wheat. And frankly, it controls diabetics.

3. 100% 3D printed rockets :

3D printing has been developed in recent years with the help of 3D printing from large buildings to small toys. But here they built the whole rocket engine with 3D printing. Aerospace engineering from Skyroot Aerospace in India called 100% 3D printed rockets DHAWAN-1. And under production. NASA rejected ISRO and its operation 50 years ago, but now ISRO has become a pioneer in 3D printing engines! Our India emerges as the third largest ecosystem for successful/achieved startups.

4. Pineapple leaves drone :

Replacing the fibers found in pineapple

leaves to create frames for drones.

University Putra Malaysia is leading the project. It has a high strength-to-weight ratio. But cheap, lightweight, and easy to dispose of. (Disposable in 2 weeks). We all know that plastic and electronics waste is a big threat to the earth to sustain a healthy future. These kinds of start-ups will help fight global warming. It flys at an altitude of 1000 meters (3280 feet #) in 20 minutes. And most importantly, it helps farmers to earn new income.

We help farmers in some ways that the government cannot do.

5. Plates from pineapple waste :

Colombians create trays out of pineapple waste to contribute to reducing global plastic waste. And sandwich containers. Star uses agricultural waste called Life Pack Company for useful products. It is mixed with pineapple paper and left to dry under the sun. Can produce 6000 to 12000 plates in 8 hours. A few months ago the Chennai Corporation implemented an additional fee and tax for dumping waste ranging from 20 to 2000 rupees.

6. World’s cheapest water purifier :

We all often use water purifiers in our homes and at work. The minimum cost of at least 3k. But here final year engineering student Niranjan Karaki developed the world’s cheapest water purification machine At a cost of 20 rupees called NIRMAL. A small refinery with activated carbon, cotton, net mesh. It filters about 300 liters of water. Used in the countryside. For school students drinking dirt from slums. We know that cholera affects millions at a time. It is due to contaminants in the water. Here comes the solution for those who do not buy a big expensive purifier. India may have polluted the water. He found school children drinking dirt, and he researched and made products useful for the future mind. I am proud that the Indian Army is using these refinements on the borders.

Conclusion :

Finally, we complain about everything 2020 and other government, but to be honest for a while, it always starts with how many of us switch with us. We are always focused on issues and complaints. But these people focused on solutions and made it possible. Provide a more conducive environment. Although these products may seem impossible to us, they did. Nothing is always possible until you believe… but do not ask why the good government is still in stock… it is in every hand.

Thanks. Jai Hind.

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