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Politics and Advertisements

The main two aspect of our Indian people life these days are politics and advertisements. Today, life has changed so much that it is very hard to not recognize the involvement of politics in the daily news.

Campaign advertisement in simple terms is the use of media to influence the voters to ensure the higher voters by influence.

But what is surprising is that how fast the influence of politics has increased in our life unnoticed until it was everywhere.

Let's discuss how, when and where did the advertisement started mixing the politics in order to give the projected politician an advantage over other competitors or to exploit the public image of one.


If dug deep the history of campaign advertisement will become a history lesson of US as the non-strict rules for election campaign in US was the reason to attract an idea of Campaign Advertisement.

  • The first known campaign advertisement was done for the presidential election in 1952 by Dwight D Eisenhower who made a 42 second commercial advertisement with a message of” Eisenhower Answers America” where he answered the questions that were asked by the people. Undoubtedly it was a good idea to make create a positive image. And that approach of his resulted him as a winner in the presidential election.

  • Then many attempted the same method, the famous one among them was John F Kennedy who attempted advertisement later in 1960, but on a bigger scale. He created around 200 advertisements over very important topics of bay of pigs, civil rights, cold war between US and Soviet Union and lot more which gave US their youngest president.


Which brings us to our next topic which is benefits of campaign advertisements.

  • The first is that this helps voters to decide whom to vote based on the one way interaction. The main idea is to make the voters know which politician is focusing on which topics and problems, so that people can decide the more relatable and hence cast their vote.

  • Then other benefit is that it helps to connect to an exponentially larger mass and more consumers can relate. Also it is important for a politician to reach to maximum people which is next to impossible task, if we are talking about a state or national election. So, with the help of media one can reach to a larger audience without going through the impossible task of travelling everywhere.

  • Also, the on-air debates between the representatives are also very informative and useful for people to know the agendas or plans that is going to be followed by the particular individual or the group that person is representing. This helps the viewers to be a part of the conversation rather than one directional speech.


There aren’t many disadvantages in this campaigning, until someone misinterprets the information that are needed to be conveyed. This is the biggest and only problem the marketing has.

  • And it’s not something we don’t know; we have seen a lot of cases when the person who was assumed to be the culprit turned out to be the victim. And because of that, that person start getting hate without even getting an opportunity to defend himself/herself.

The same goes with politicians as their one wrong statement can destroy their entire career even though they didn’t mean it. Which Brings us to another same kind of problem” Manipulation of information”.

  • In this modern world of media, manipulating information is not a new concept. The politicians use them day in and day out based on the goal they want to achieve.

This creates yet another problem where the political parties, in order to create an advantage for themselves where they try to interfere the channels in order to manipulate the information conveyed.

Types of information manipulation

  • The first is the photo editing which is sometimes very hard to understand as it is very hard to decide which one is the edited, as the one supporting one of the photos, claims the other to be the fake one. And vice versa.

  • The next is by paying celebs that have a good fan following. This method is called as paid for tweet.

If u remember a sting operation on Bollywood actors and singers was conducted where they were offered money based on their brand value and popularity and many of them accepted the offer to tweet for money. Many actors like Vivek Oberoi, Shakti Kapoor, Jackie Shroff, Sonu Sood, Amisha Patel and singers like Kailash Kher, Mika Singh and many more were caught on camera while accepting the deal.

  • The next way to exploit is data leak. Though many have heard about the incident where Facebook was claimed to be responsible for leaking data of it’s 533 million users. Though many people do not understand how is that a big threat as many commoners like us do not have any nukes formulae to hide.

When someone’s data is leaked his data, his friend list data is open and then politically projected advertisements could be sent on your feed, day in and day out either praising someone or disgracing someone. So out of those friends who are not sure whom to vote, they can be easily manipulated by this method. That is why data leak is dangerous.

That is the reason why Facebook and Twitter were deciding to ban political advertisements.

But the problem in this is how to identify which ad is ethically wrong or right, and would it be effective to do so as a lot of people’s views are shared through Whats App, You Tube and many other social media platforms.


According to me what government should really focus on is the data security and end-to-end encryption which will avoid data leaks and won’t give unfair advantage to any.

What we need to be is to be mature as a viewer and as a user, and be very sincere about the permissions that we generally give in apps and websites without giving another thought.

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