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Myths and facts about airplanes

Have you ever wondered why boarding and deporting take so long?

Why do they need multiple engines even if the single-engine has a takeoff/landing?

The black box is really black.?

Carrying loads, we discover the realities of the humble metal that flies like a Spiderman.

Let's control the seat belt...

Let's fly through the facts and myths of the plane.
1. Oxygen mask :
  • There is no oxygen in the oxygen mask in an airplane, which is a chemical mixture of sodium perchlorate and iron oxide (a chemical reaction that begins when an oxygen mask creates a spark in the device).

  • But this only lasts about 15 minutes from the start of a chemical reaction. This is more than enough.

2. Pressurized :

Why are most commercial planes fully pressurized?

The temperature difference between the inside and outside of the aircraft is very large as the temperature is 34000 feet (where the aircraft normally travels) -54 C.

So it is pressurized at the level of 8 K feet. 3.

Aircraft do not require two engines to fly: They don’t really need two engines to fly, which is due to urgency and reliability.

The plane can be up to 200 km without an engine to fly, the word gliding and landing is not really an accident, it lands, but in the water (ditching)… Remember well! Miracle in Hudson.

4. White trails behind the wings :
  • Have you ever seen white routes behind the wings of the aircraft during the trip.

  • It develops a cold air mixed with cold air And the cmdle is another title.

  • So next to those types of water creation call Dan '911 or Emergency number.

5. How many hours does a pilot fly a plane?

Straight to the cockpit, we hope the pilot flies the plane without a break for the entire flight time… but actually sees the fantastic view of what the pilot is doing .. (playing). The aircraft will take off / land and fly in turbulent areas… The rest of the time the automated pilot will take control of the entire aircraft and allow the aircraft to take a short nap during the flight. Then do not be angry about their salary. They paid more because becoming an aviator was not an easy task. This is a high-cost absorbing exercise.

6. Deboarding reduces flight costs:

Plane passengers are not always lined up and it saves 35% of the total time, we know that everything on the plane is time.

7. Opening airplane toilet from outside:
  • You can open the bathroom from the outside (under the toilet sign of the door) and in a hurry, it will be different.

  • What if you lose control of the toilet. Do not ask if there is a seat belt in the toilet… No! (You will experience some turmoil, which can sometimes be dangerous.

  • If you always use the toilet when needed, it is really disgusting)

8. Black box is actually orange :

The black box is initially orange because it can be easily identified when the plane crashes. It's actually two box CVRs and FDRs that actually record the pilots' communications in the cockpit and flight data.

9. The most disgusting place in an airplane :

What comes to your mind when I say the world is a dirty place, OK in our closet!

but it's actually the worst place on the plane for a plate of food.

(10 times more bacteria than the toilet) 10.

Not so clean services:

The pillows and bedsheets provided on the plane for your information are often not clean even their headphones!

Some extra trivia about airplanes :

Feeling dry inside the plane?

Yes, it rotates inside due to drives from the engine and then compresses it before entering the room.

  • That is why dehydration is common in flying and it is advisable to drink plenty of fluids while flying, but not alcohol or wine. The water is so much better. (Maybe, Do you remember that pressure we saw before? This is also the reason why the ear hears when departing/landing).

  • Use chewing gums to avoid it. We always complain about the taste of the food. This is also due to that guilty pressure, which makes our taste buds less active. It makes us emotional during the flight.

  • The next one seems fun, but now we know why it is so important.

  • The pilot did not have a single meal on the plane to avoid poisoning. There was a history of one pilot getting food poisoning and the rest of the flight traveling to the toilet, while another pilot landed the plane safely.

  • Do you ever notice that the lights in the cabin are dim when you land? That’s because we keep our eyes on the night vision for emergencies. Those window shadows should be clearly visible outside by the cabin crew in times of emergency.

  • Not all cabin crew are allowed to enter the cockpit, only the chief flight attendant is allowed on the cockpit while on board.

  • More passengers will board on the left and cargo on the right.

  • Have you ever paid extra for a window seat, but your seat will be aligned with the cabins.

  • Adding more space just means more money. Seats on a plane are often blue because blue relaxes your mind. (Psychological truth!)

  • Also, flight attendants are not allowed to use heavy perfumes because passengers will sit around (Lol) because each airline has its own flight attendant and pilot quality.

Do you ever see a pilot with a beard? Insta filters...
  • There may be standard rules for pilots as well. It also prevents an oxygen mask from sticking tightly to the face in an emergency.

  • Have you seen the fire tracks washing a plane at the airport? This is not a water wash. It is called WATER SALUTE.

  • It occurs when the aircraft reaches a new destination or when the aircraft or pilot retires. Finally why karmic planes are white.

  • This is still for Penny's friend. The white cost is low and the lightweight allows it to carry more passengers and any oil spills or cracks are easily identified.

So next time you travel on a plane do not complain about the food and window seats.

Bye Bye.....

Happy journey...!
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