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How DB Cooper escaped with 2 lakhs dollars money? A Complete Documentary about Dan Cooper's Hijack

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

Criss Cross Tamizh
The story of Dan Cooper "perfect criminal"

D.B.Cooper a fairly normal-looking man since then has become a legend on the evening of Thanksgiving day in 1971. Since that night time, police have didn't locate him useless or alive after he jumped from a “Boeing 727” plane mid-flight.

Around 4:00 p.m. on November 24th, a person calling himself Dan Cooper entered Portland International Airport and bought a one-way ticket to Seattle-Tacoma Airport for $20. He changed into the assigned path of his seat, 18C, for a 4:35 p.m. flight.

  1. The aircraft carried 36 passengers that day, now no longer including:

  2. The pilot, Captain William Scott,

  3. The primary officer Bob Rataczak,

  4. The flight engineer H.E. Anderson,

  5. Flight attendants, Tina Mucklow, and

  6. Florence Schaffner.

An accent-less, The middle-aged, white male in a darkest-Suitcase and tie, Cooper drew little attention boarding to the flight.

After takeoff, Cooper hands over to Schaffner a written note. At the time, Most of the guys journeying on my own normally slipped phone numbers or his hotel room numbers to flight attendants, so Schaffner located the written note in her pocket and not noted it. The subsequent time she passed, Cooper motioned for her to return closer. He informed her that she higher study the note and warned that he had a bomb, nodding in the direction of his suitcase.

Schaffner then went to the galley to study the note. She confirmed it, then the other flight attendant and collectively they moved quickly to the cockpit to expose the pilot. After he takes the written note and she readout it, the pilot right away contacted air traffic control, Then they contacted the Seattle police, who knew the FBI agent. The FBI agent called to the airline’s president Donald Nyrop, who stated they must observe Cooper’s needs/demands. Doubtless, Nyrop desired to keep away from any poor exposure that the sort of disaster would bring.

Cooper informed the flight attendant to go back the written note, cautious of probably incriminating proof. Because of this, the precise wording of his written note is unknown. Schaffner recalled that the handwritten ink note demanded that,

  1. $200,000 in cash,

  2. Two sets of parachutes.

Cooper desired those objects added on arrival at Seattle-Tacoma Airport and claimed that if they didn't observe those needs/demands, he would blow up the aircraft. Everyone who thoroughly read the written note and agreed that

it contained the phrase “no funny stuff”.

Now, Cooper moved to the window so that after Schaffner returned, she sat in his path of the seat. He opened his suitcase huge sufficient for her to get

  • A Glimpse of wires(coated wired),

  • 8 Cylinders,

  • They are Potentially dynamite sticks.

He then directed her to go back to the cockpit and to inform the pilot to stay behind the air till the “cash and parachutes” have been geared up. After receiving the message, the pilot report over the intercom that the plane would circle earlier than touchdown because of “Some Mechanical difficulty”. Most of the passengers have been blind to the hijacking.

Cooper changed into very specific approximately his needs/demands for cash. He desired the $200,000 in $20 cash, which could weigh around 21 pounds. If smaller cash has been used, it'd more weight and maybe risky for his skydiving. Larger cash could weigh less, however, they could be greater tough to pass. He was even distinct that he desired cash with serial numbers that have been random, now no longer sequential. The FBI agent marketers gave him cash with random serial numbers.

Acquiring the parachutes changed into lots more difficult than amassing the $200,000. Seattle police department contacted the proprietor/owner of a skydiving Faculty/School, the skydiving school was closed however they persuaded him to buy them 4 parachutes.

Cooper’s hijacking note did now no longer immediately explain his plan to skydive from the aircraft however his needs/demands led officers to that assumption. Since he had requested a further parachute, they assumed he deliberate to take a passenger or group member with him as an airborne hostage. They idea approximately the use of dummy parachutes for the alternate with Cooper however they couldn’t danger the lifestyles of a civilian.

At 5:24 p.m., the ground staff had the cash and the parachutes so that they radioed Captain Scott and informed him they have been geared up for his arrival. Cooper ordered that they taxi to a faraway, well-lit place once they landed. He had the cabin lighting dimmed and ordered that no automobile must method the aircraft. He additionally ordered that the individual that changed into bringing the cash and parachutes come unaccompanied.

A Northwest airline worker drove an organization vehicle close to the aircraft. Cooper ordered flight attendant Tina Mucklow to low the aircraft’s steps(Stairs). The worker carried parachutes at a time to the steps and exceeded them over to Mucklow. Then the worker introduced the cash over in a huge financial institution bag. Once the needs/demands have been met, Cooper launched the 36 passengers and flight attendant Florence Schaffner. He did now no longer launch the opposite flight attendant Tina Mucklow or the 3 guys within the cockpit.

An FAA professional contacted the captain and requested Cooper for permission to return aboard the aircraft. The professional reputedly desired to warn him of the risks and effects of air piracy. Cooper denied his request. Cooper had Mucklow for a complete read over the guidance card for the operation of the aircraft’s airstair. When he asked her approximately them, she stated she didn’t think they may be reduced for the duration of the flight. He stated she changed into wrong.

Cooper had selected this flight now no longer handiest for location, however, due to the form of aircraft that changed into used. He knew lots approximately the Boeing 727-a hundred.

And now Cooper ordered to the pilot that:

  • Stay under an altitude of 10,000 feet,

  • Maintain the airspeed under 150 knots.

A skilled skydiver could without difficulty be capable of dive at a hundred and fifty knots. The aircraft changed into light-weight and could haven't any hassle flying at the sort of gradual velocity via the dense air at 10,000 ft.

Cooper informed the aircraft crew members that he desired to visit Mexico City.

The pilot defined that on the altitude and airspeed he desired to tour,

The aircraft wouldn’t be capable of tour greater than 1,000 miles despite 52,000 gallons of gasoline/fuel.

With this in mind, they agreed to make a mid-prevent to refuel in Reno, Nevada. Before leaving Seattle, Cooper ordered the aircraft be refueled.

He knew that the Boeing 727-a hundred should absorb 4,000 gallons of gasoline a minute. After 15 minutes, once they weren’t executed refueling,

Cooper demanded an explanation. The gasoline group finished the process rapidly afterward. Captain Scott and Cooper negotiated a low-altitude course referred to as Vector 23. This route/path allowed the aircraft to fly properly west of the mountains even at the low altitude that Cooper demanded.

Cooper additionally directed the captain to depressurize the cabin. He knew that someone can breathe commonly at 10,000 ft, and that, if the cabin had equalized strain inner and out, there wouldn’t be a violent gust of wind while the airstair (aircraft step) reduced. After all the flight info have been figured out, the aircraft took off at 7:46 p.m.

After takeoff, Cooper ordered the flight attendant and the other crew members to live in the cockpit. There changed into no peephole the cockpit door or there are no cameras hooked up on the time, so the crew had no concept/ideas what Cooper trying to do.

At 8.00 p.m, red lights gave caution that a door changed into the open.

Scott requested Cooper over the intercom if there has been something they might do for him. He responded with an angry ”NO!”. That was the last communication and the last word anyone ever heard from D.B.Cooper.

At 8:24 pm., the aircraft genuflected because the nostril dipped first observed with the help of using a correcting dip in the tail end. Scott made certain to note the spot in which the dip took place, 25 miles north of Portland, close to the Lewis River. The group assumed that the aircraft’s stairs have been reduced and that Cooper had jumped. However, they didn't make an affirmation in their assumption due to the fact they didn't need to disobey his orders to live in the cockpit.

At 10:15 pm., the aircraft finally landed in Reno airport, Nevada state. Pilot Mr.Scott spoke over the intercom of the flight and after receiving no response from Mr.Cooper, he opened the cockpit door. The cabin is empty. Cooper, together with the cash and all of his belongings, had been gone. The handiest object left that the second parachute.

No one ever heard from Cooper again….

All next investigations didn't show whether or not or now no longer he survived his fateful jump. During the hijacking, the police tried to comply with the aircraft and await a person to jump. While they at the start used F-106 fighter aircraft, those planes, constructed to move at excessive hurries up to 1,500 MPH, proved to be vain at decrease speeds. The police then co-opted the (ANG)Air National Guard Lockheed T-33, however earlier than they have been capable of seizing as much as the hijacked aircraft, Cooper had already jumped.

The inclement climate that night time avoided the police from looking at the grounds till the subsequent day. That Thanksgiving, and for numerous weeks afterward, the police achieved an intensive seek that failed to show up any hint of the hijacker or the parachute. The police started looking at crook statistics for the call Dan Cooper, simply in case the hijacker used his actual call, however had no luck. One in their early results,

However, could show to have a long-lasting effect at the case:

A police file for an Oregon man named D.B. Cooper changed into determined and taken into consideration a likely suspect. Although he changed into quick cleared with the help of using the police, a keen and careless member of the click by chance pressured that guy's call for the alias given with the help of using the hijacker.

This easy mistake changed into then repeated with the help of using some other reporter quoting that information, and so forth and so forth till the whole media changed into the use of the catchy moniker. And so, the original "Dan" Cooper has become recognized as "D.B." for the rest of the investigation.

Charges for air piracy have been filed in 1976 and nevertheless stand today:

On February 10, 1980:

An 8-year-old boy named “Brian Ingram” determined bundles of $20 cash with serial numbers matching those from the Cooper stash in the Columbia River.

Some humans agree with this proof facilitates help the concept that Cooper didn’t survive.

The discovery of those bundles caused new searches around that place. However, an eruption of Mt. St. Helens on May 18, 1980, in all likelihood destroyed any last clues about the Cooper case.

Over the years,

Many have confessed to being Dan Cooper.

The FBI agent has quietly investigated a number of those cases, however, has but to show up something useful. They take a look at the fingerprints of folks that confess to the unknown prints accrued from the hijacked aircraft. So far, none of them had been a match.

But in the investigation, some suspected persons are very nearest to the case of D B Cooper so Now let me tell you in between 1971 to 2016 the FBI processed over 1000+ suspects, including assorted publicity seekers and deathbed confessors.

  1. Richard McCoy Junior:

Richard McCoy Junior had an army background, he is directly involved 2 times in the Vietnam war and he is also one of the demolition experts. Okay, this is his background but he is also trying to do exactly the hijack as done by Cooper and he has a background in skydiving then the face is also as same cooper so the FBI suspects he is dan cooper But Despite all this evidence, Richard is not as hijacking intelligent as Cooper used to be, but he had a lot of reasons to come and conclude that he is not hijacker, at that time Richard and his family was at a Thanksgiving dinner, and his age and height would not match Cooper's description so finally FBI decided he is not a Cooper.

2. Robert Wesley Rackstraw:

He is a retired pilot and he worked as an army helicopter crew member and he is also involved in the Vietnam war. Now let go deep how Robert Wesley Rackstraw is involved in this D.B. Cooper investigation team, In February 1978, the FBI began investigating Robert for he had explosive and he suspicion of smuggling into the United States. Before one month of Cooper Hijack he retired from the army, and his uncle name is John Cooper then he had good talent in parachute diving then he had some criminal records so this much of more and more suspect, but there was no proper evidence other than that he was just a suspect to say that he was Cooper and that he was just 28 years old when the Dan Cooper Hijack time that is in 1971. So he was acquitted from this case and he died in 2019, but the important thing is that whenever ask him about this Cooper's Hijack he will say one thing that "I could have been and I won't discount myself" So when we hear this, everyone may suspect that he might even be a cooper, but his age at that time is not matching to cooper's age. So the FBI decides he is also not a Cooper.

3. Duane L. Weber:

Duane L. Weber was a WW II Army veteran. He was proposed as a suspect by his widow, based totally chiefly on a deathbed confession: Three days earlier than he died, Weber told his wife, "I am Dan Cooper" that Weber as soon as had a nightmare for the duration of which he talked in his sleep about leaping from a plane, leaving his fingerprints on the "aircraft’s stairs", He also reportedly stated his spouse that old knee damage had been incurred by jumping out of a plane. But the Other circumstantial proof included a 1979-day out to Seattle and the Columbia River, at some point of which Weber took a stroll alone along the riverbank in the “Tina Bar” area, four months later Brian Ingram made his ransom money discovery in the precise area. The FBI eradicated Weber as an energetic suspect in July 1998 when his fingerprints did now not healthy any of these processed in the hijacked plane, and no other direct evidence could be located to implicate him. Later, his DNA additionally failed to match the samples recovered from Cooper's tie, even though the bureau has when you consider that conceded that they cannot be certain that the natural fabric on the tie got here from Cooper.

In July of 2016, the FBI agent formally announced they could now no longer be allocating lively assets to persevering with the D.B. Cooper investigation. This did now no longer imply that they'd solved the case of Cooper's identification though. The main concept with the help of using the investigators is that Cooper did now no longer, in truth, continue to exist his jump. Although his great understanding of the aircraft's structures to start with led police to agree with he changed into an expert skydiver, they've due to the fact concluded that a jump in such climate conditions, over a ruthless patch of Washington barren region in the center of winter, at the same time as sporting enterprise informal apparel changed into a danger no professional could be silly sufficient to take.

The truth that the bag of matching ransom cash had been found left in the move similarly helps the concept that he did not live/survive now.

Well, now we want to say our opinions:

  1. The first thing is why the FBI only suspends those with military backing and those with a criminal record, I don't know why, but we need to ask them if they read this blog, “Please say what's the reason and why?”. This is because even ordinary people also can clearly know about the Boeing 727 aircraft's details even though there was less internet facility at that period (90's) as there is at this time. For example, even a small worker working at an airport can know about plans details like when the plane will come to that place, who will be on that plane, how that plane is made, what is the name of the plane so, even a local person also can do this hijack from my point of view.

  2. The second thing is that the FBI has only been pointing to one place for so long, that was the only place he jumped on a search, but he could have jumped anywhere else, right? So he made good use of that time when they were looking for the specific place. Why shouldn’t he have escaped at that time, or he might have found time to do something like went to other countries.

  3. Next up is the third thing, Which is a question mark? If you think how effective that currency tracking would be? Because we all know that forgetfulness is a national disease! Everyone is searching for a serial number with daily using the currency is not sure if that will happen until finding Cooper but at some point, people will all forget about that incident So, this is also not a good method.

  4. The next up, the fourth thing is that late 80s, 90s fingerprint testing was all done by humans, so a question was asked as to how accurate fingerprint testing would be?

  5. Finally, why shouldn't Cooper be a government official because there was less time for investigation in the earliest days of the hijacking investigation, but all of this should have been investigated at the time?

And so, no matter that almost half-century well worth of suggestions and theories, the actual/real call of America’s maximum well-known or famous hijacker stays a mystery.

Thank you!
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