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ArunKumar Govindharaj

Vanakam Nanba! 
I’m ArunKumar Govindharaj. I’m Co-Founder of Criss Cross Tamizh.
I must say writing is a kind of my passion to be more than a profession.

I love to write and aim to beat myself with each of my steps to wow!


My day-to-day work in Criss Cross Tamizh includes writing articles for our websites, hosting videos in both Tamil and English. I am also the joint manager of Criss Cross Tamizh alongside Karan, my bestie and Co-Founder of CCT.

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About Myself

I’m currently pursuing a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science at K.S.Rangasamy College of Technology. 
I have extensive content marketing skills such as SEO, content creation, content writer, and content enhancement, using those skills to create, manage, implement and develop the brand's content strategy. With a successful record, I have written more than 200+ published articles. I believe! I have excellent content strategy skills, and I have more than 1.7+ years of total experience!

I strongly believe in hard work and honesty. I see myself as a relentless problem-solver who doesn’t shy away from a new challenge. I am getting in touch with you because I have developed a high interest in your company service/brand’s Apparel.

I have worked in several other companies as a freelance Content Writer, Content Strategist. I helped companies and individuals expand their business beyond the limits of physical stores and grow their presence online. I have linked some of my work down below for your reference. My ultimate goal is to feature our company as one of the leaders in the online revolution that is happening. Me alongside my team here at Criss Cross Tamizh are determined to create a future that is cohesive for all sections of the society and encourages other people to be more expressive in whatever career or talent that they pursue.

Apart from my Creative skills, I am an aspiring software developer in C, C++, JAVA, and HTML. I alongside my classmates have worked on several mini-projects such as Banking systems, Mapping, and other complex problems. I am currently working on a low-cost remote monitoring system for farmers that will help reduce the costs of the modern technology that is needed to monitor the farm even when you're out. I aim to reduce the cost and complexity of accessing information in whatever way that I possibly can.

My best friend Karan and I started the company with the single motto of creating a better and equal internet community for all. I aim to teach people about the various aspects of the modern Internet and its potential to change the face of a generation.


Please E-mail me if you have any queries.