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European aerospace corporation whose production plant is located in Toulouse, France is the largest manufacture of airline equipment.

The Airbus have 3 type of manufacturing unit,

  • First is used for commercial aircrafts,

  • Second is for defense and space and

  • Third one produces helicopters

Airbus has a wide range of aircrafts that range from the passenger aircrafts which includes the aircraft family of A220, A320, A330, A350,A380; the freighter aircrafts of A321 P2F, A330 P2F, A330-200F, BelugaST, BelugaXL and corporate jets as well and a lot of helicopters, defense and space related aircrafts.


The airbus was established in 18 December 1970 in Blagnac, France and its first aircraft was Airbus A300 which was launched in 1974. The Airbus was a result of the government initiative between France, West Germany and UK that started in 1967. The initial shareholders of airbus were the French company Aerospatiale and the West German company Deutsche Airbus, both having an equal share of 50 %. The Airbus 300 was the first model this company created and since then every model number seems to be in an increasing order with a difference of 10.

Surpassing the previous top airline manufacturers, Boeing, the airbus in 2020 became the largest airline manufacturers in terms of revenue and deliveries.


The Airbus's model A321 XLR plane is the world's most efficient and longest range single aisle aircraft. After the launch of A321 XLR in 2019 the Airbus got a ton of orders from customers across the globe.

The other famous planes in airbus are the A320 family of Airbus which was first commercially used in 1987 and since has been a priority for airlines.

In 2018 Airbus completed the world record delivery of 800 commercial aircrafts to 93 countries world wide.

Their deliveries have been on a graph of increase for the past 16 years.

They have completed the delivery of 12,626 aircrafts, around 12000 helicopters, among top 10 defense company and one of the world's leading space companies.


Speaking about the influence of Airbus in the world, we can take an example of an Indian company Air India which has the second highest number of commercial planes in India after IndiGo. The Air India has a total of 125 aircrafts out of which 76 are from Airbus and rest from Boeing.

Whereas IndiGo which have the highest number of commercial planes in India, which has placed an order of 530 planes from Airbus. IndiGo has 280 planes that are in service, out of which 255 are from Airbus models of A 320-200, 320 neo, 321LR and 321XLR.

Space Plans

Not only the commercial flights but recently in February 2021 the NASA's Perseverance rover which landed on mars is said to be using the Airbus technology and their weather station and communication antenna.

Airbus has notified in their official site about their further plan with NASA about the NASA's next spacecraft, that will be used to send humans beyond mars. The name of the spacecraft is given as Orion and Airbus is going to be a contributor as well.

You can click on the image to go in the official site of airbus

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