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About Criss Cross Tamizh

 We are just a team of Ultra Curious people who tries to educate, create awareness on anything that matters to society. 

YouTube channels of Criss Cross Tamizh:

                                   We have two youtube channels one in Tamil and one in English. named Criss Cross Tamizh which is mainly focused on Aviation, Transportation, and Infrastructure in Tamil. We publish the same topics in English to the channel Recoil.

Freelancing services provided by Criss Cross Tamizh:

                                    Our Freelancing business is focused on providing Video editing, making, and production services to budding online creators to short film creators. Visit to know more about Criss Cross Tamizh's freelancing websites.

Article and blogs by Criss Cross Tamizh:

                                    Do visit our main blog website to know everyhting about Aviation, Transportation, Infrastructure, and Sports. We have an individual team of 6 to post and maintain articles on those topics posted there.

Courses provided by Criss Cross Tamizh:

                                    Visit to know more about our online courses and technical articles on C Programming, C++ Programming, Java, Python, Content Writing, Video editing, and Website Creation. We regularly post articles on the Programming areas to help our visitors grow their knowledge in Computer Programming.

Team Criss Cross Tamizh


Karan Dharmalingam

Co-founder, Cheif Editor & Writer

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S Mathan Raj

Researcher, Writer

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ArunKumar Govindharaj

Co-founder, Lead Writer & Host



Rithan Kumar Prakash

Researcher, Editor



Kishore Mukherjee

Writer, Host & Course creator



​Hemanth Sakthivel

Researcher, Writer & Lead in Aviation

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We aim to create an equal internet to all, we strive towards to creating a society for the masses.

Our primary vision as a company to expand atleast 20 small businesses to the internet world in next 5 years.

We aim to create documentary series on subjects such as Language, Heritage, Culture to make them accessible to the next generation.

Our vision is an inclusive and equal online community that helps themselves as well as others strive towards success with no boundaries.

Work Desk


Our mission is to post at least 1000 research articles across categories on site by end of 2022. We also aim to help at least 5 small business owners step foot in the internet economy by building websites, online marketing for them. We aim to educate at least 500 students via our courses on site.

Our main mission is to create a series documenting the progress of aviation and infrastructure in modern India on the Criss Cross Tamizh Youtube channel in Tamil.

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